The Denning’s

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I had the opportunity to photograph one of my all time favorite families to photograph. Well, the kids anyhow.


Tyson really stepped up his game this season and became one of the outstanding football players in his league. His mom really wanted to get some pictures in his uniform and pads before turning them back into the team.



Little Crew is absolutely adorable and had the cutest personality. I don’t know if I have even seen such a cute one year old, let alone been able to photograph one.




Miss Baylie has all the style and sass anyone could possibly ever want. I would like to take some credit with her photos, but this is all her. She has the moves, the looks, and the attitude.


With these kids it is hard to make a bad photo. They handle it all so well and are so easy to work with. And look at those faces…gorgeous!

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  1. Jill
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    I LOVE these photos!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful photo shoot. I love what you captured in the photos. You’re the best!

  2. Tifani
    | Reply

    Kirk you always do such an amazing job and it also helps that Todd and Jill have such cute Kids!!!

  3. Tori
    | Reply

    I guess those Denning’s are ok… haha jk! I love them they are all super gorgeous little kids…tys looks awesome in his football gear and miss b is a little model and oh man that crew he is just as handsome as can be! Good job Kirk!

  4. Rachel
    | Reply

    agreed with all of you those kiddos are so cute! little crew what a stud they all look so grown up. Miss B you are adorable and have such cute style:)

  5. Todd
    | Reply

    Sweet Pics, You did a great job of capturing all 3 of their individual personalities. You are awesome, thanks!

  6. Gretchen
    | Reply

    Love these pictures! Kirk, you are amazing! The kiddos are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. tami jenson
    | Reply

    They look so great!! I love the little kiddos. You need to come up to logan so you can take some of my kids!! tami jenson:)

  8. Susan
    | Reply

    I absolutely love these photos! Miss B is going to be a model, I am sure of it. What 6 year old randomly takes her belt off and makes it into a scarf all on her own. What a poser she was. Tyson is looking so grown up in his photos now. He has some gorgeous eyes and some great expressions. I can’t forget little Crew, such a happy little guy and handsome as can be. That day was so much fun.

  9. Colleen
    | Reply

    Your kids are so dang cute….I love Kirks work, he does great work.

  10. Colleen
    | Reply

    Jill your kids are so dang cute…. Kirk does such an amazing job!!!

  11. Carol Johnson
    | Reply

    Kirk, I am overwhelmed at the photos you take!
    These are so totally gorgeous!

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