Evening In The Park

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A few weeks ago my shutter started acting strange. The mirror would randomly stay open after I pressed the shutter. Much to my great annoyance, it began to do this more and more over the last couple of weeks. This is the second Nikon that I have had that this has happened with. After one very miserable afternoon with the camera I decided I had had enough and bought a new Canon and a couple of lenses to go with it. This may seem a bit drastic, but this is one of the most annoying things in the world. Anyhow, I haven’t touched a Canon in years and have been trying to work with it a lot to get the “feel” for the camera. That is one very nice thing about sticking with a camera system. You don’t have to think about the settings. It is fluid and you aren’t hindered by the camera.

A couple of evenings ago I called up my sister-in-law and asked if I could borrow my niece and nephew. I didn’t want her to put them in something different or to do their hair. I wanted them just as they were after coming home from school. We walked to a park close to their house and I just photographed them as they ran around and played with each other. At first they seemed a little weary with the camera pointed at them, but they quickly seemed to forget about it when I wasn’t telling them what to do or have them pose.


Now there are a few posed pictures here, but they were later on and after the sun had already set. I was amazed at the games and antics they would come up with all on their own when I wasn’t constantly having them look at me or smile. They are pretty smily all on their own anyhow and especially as they were running around and chasing each other they naturally had a smile on their faces because they were having fun.





Little Jackson is quite the character and is going a million miles an hour if he is awake. It is all or nothing with that guy. I love Jaylynn’s real smile. I take pictures of them all of the time and when we do a formal session she really seems to stiffen up. Perhaps it is the pressure or knowing that somehow something is different about me taking her picture then. It made me happy to see how alive her smile and eyes were here.

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  1. Jill
    | Reply

    So cute and so fun! I love that they are just being kids, nothing fancy, just themselves. They are both super cute, lucky to have you for an uncle!

  2. Julie
    | Reply

    So are you sticking with Canon now? I love the naturalness of the kids!

  3. Sarah
    | Reply

    Love these pics! They always have so much fun with Uncle Kirk:)

  4. Susan
    | Reply

    I love lifestyle photos. Its a good thing I wasn’t there or his hair would be spiked for sure!

  5. Gretchen
    | Reply

    They are so cute! I love the picture of Jackson with his ‘piece’ fingers. Precious!!

  6. Gretchen
    | Reply

    So sorry…that should read ‘peace’ fingers! Glad his fingers aren’t in pieces!

  7. Kirk
    | Reply

    Thank you.

    Julie, I am so fickle. I was so upset about my shutter going out that I went with the other best brand out there. Canon. There really isn’t a whole lot of difference between Canon and Nikon. They one step each other all of the time anyhow.


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