Two Darlings

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I was spending the Thanksgiving holiday with some of my family and decided to take a couple of my nieces out and get a few photos.


Ashlyn is beyond cute. The photo on the right is a stunner. I love the look on her face and the piercing blue eyes. So intense.



Lauren is so darling and I was mesmerized by her huge brown eyes. The two of them are so cute together and I loved their boots. I am lucky to have such a cute family to photograph.

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  1. Gretchen
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    OH MY GOSH!! I can’t even express how fantastic those photos are! Ashlyn is just gorgeous…and you can just see Lauren’s personality shining in that darling face. Nicely done! I’d be scared if I were Chris and Emily!!

  2. Jill
    | Reply

    Cute girls! Ashlyn is beautiful!! Emily and Chris are in so much trouble. :0)

  3. Amy Vercillo
    | Reply

    Thanks, Kirk. You made Lauren’s day! You did a fantastic job!!!

  4. Jan
    | Reply

    These two are so adorable! Great pictures Kirk!

  5. Julie
    | Reply

    Wow! What a pair!

  6. Kirk
    | Reply

    Thank you everyone for the great comments. They are so cute and I love their interaction together. You can see in the picture of them together how comfortable they are with each other. Amy and Darin don’t have to wait for Lauren to get older to have boy issues. They are pretty much there right now with their other two cuties.

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