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I, like the rest of the world, was extremely obsessed with Apple’s announcement of the new iPad. Watching the video on Apple’s site and seeing Jony Ive talk about the iPad, it made me think of this video I saw a while ago. I love the way he describes the thought process that goes into developing and designing these products that we take for granted. The iPhone totally and completely changed the way I live my life. That may seem like a stretch for some, but it has become my connection with my family, my multiple jobs, technology, news, entertainment, and more. I can’t possibly imagine going back to any other phone out there. I honestly believe that the iPad is going to become that same kind of device. Maybe not in this first iteration, but within the next two years I believe it will be the kind of tool that I cannot live without. That isn’t going to stop me from buying one in two months anyway. So much of that “magic” comes from Jony’s incredible design. Jobs did himself a service by surrounding himself with people like Jony.

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    I too am VERY excited about the iPad! Can’t wait to get one. Oh and I’m in love with my iPhone. :0) They are simply amazing!!

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