March Bride

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You never really know what to expect when you photograph people outside with Utah’s unpredictable winter weather. I was photographing a bride last Sunday and due to circumstances beyond our control, Sunday was the only day we could shoot her bridals. And wouldn’t you know it, we were suppose to have a huge snow storm on Sunday. I remember looking outside Saturday evening around eleven and the road was already covered with snow and it was coming down hard. I thought for sure we were going to be bringing her shoot in doors, but she really wanted outdoor photos.

Sunday morning brought bright sunny skies and a heat wave. I didn’t even have to shovel the drive way as the snow had all melted by mid-morning. So we went from snow covered ground to muddy wet grass! But you make it work.

Cassie was awesome and so patient. When I mentioned heat wave above, I meant it was above freezing, but that isn’t exactly warm for a sleeveless wedding gown. She was so great and the cold didn’t phase her a bit. She just kept that smile on her face and looked stunning the whole time.







Her photos turned out so well and she was absolutely gorgeous. I love that dress too. So elegant!

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  1. Gretchen
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    Beautiful Kirk! Did her dress need a cleaning after the shoot?

  2. Jill
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  3. Jan
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    Those are amazing Kirk!! I wish you did photography when I got married!

  4. cassie
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    You did an amazing job and everyone loves my photos thank you!

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