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It is interesting to watch the Downtown Rising project come into existence. I am looking forward to seeing more and more of the project completed over the next two years.


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  1. Julie
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    What is downtown rising?

  2. Julie
    | Reply

    Whatever I love the open area with all the tables.

  3. Gretchen
    | Reply

    Great photo Kirk!

  4. Julie
    | Reply

    Hey Kirk, Jim wants to know what camera you used for this one?

  5. Kirk Sample
    | Reply

    Julie, This was shot with my D300, but what he really wants to know is how this shot was done. I was using what is called a tilt and shift lens. It is made to correct distortion in perspective, like in architectural photography. But it can also be used for distorting perspective too and that is what I did here. That is what gives it the compressed look. It is a fun lens.

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