Salt Lake City Skybridge

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A couple local photographers put this video together and just posted it online. They did such a fantastic job. I haven’t been downtown to see it, but I am pretty excited about everything that is happening down there.

SkyBridge from Jason Nacey on Vimeo.

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  1. Jan
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    Where is this skybridge and what buildings is it connecting? the only thing I am confused about it that it said the skybridge had a clearance of 1 ft.

  2. Kirk
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    The sky bridge is over main street and between where Crossroads Mall and the ZCMI Center use to be. They removed those buildings and are building huge residential/commercial towers. The sky bridge will connect the two buildings down the road.

    I think the 1 foot clearance that they refer to is the extra room between the two buildings. Meaning 6 inches on either side. Pretty impressive, I think.

  3. Jan
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    Thanks for explaining. Calgary has those all around downtown so you don’t have to go outside to get to most of the buildings downtown. It gets pretty cold in the winter some weeks so it is nice to not have to go outside.

  4. Gretchen
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    Very cool! Minneapolis and St. Paul also have miles of sky bridges so that we can survive the brutal winters.

  5. Julie
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    Great video. I can’t believe how Salt Lake keeps changing.

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