Tungsten at Sunset

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I took my niece and nephew out to the Salt Lake this evening. I was thinking we could maybe get some moody sunset photos, but when we got there the cloud cover completely blotted out the sun and left everything a drab brown color. As there was next to no light left I quickly grabbed a flash with a CTO gel and put it on a shoot through umbrella. I set my white balance to tungsten and snapped a few fast frames. Light was fading so fast that there really wasn’t any time for anything else. I love how this turns the background to total blue and gives the skin such a warm appearance. I included the first picture to show how blue everything really gets. Kind of fun, huh?

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  1. Gail
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    That’s so cool! Reminds me a lot of when we were in Alaska last summer. With the fog, and then how it never really got dark, but had low light late in the evening, it was a blueish kind of like that :) Your nephew is super adorable!

    • Kirk
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      Thanks Gail. I love the way you describe my photos. That is what makes photography so cool. Everyone relates to a photo in a different way and I like to think that there is a relationship between my photos and viewers. Thank you.

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