Perfect Ski Day

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This last weekend I was in Logan photographing a family while they went skiing. This was one of my all time favorite shoots. We didn’t have much sun, but all of the fresh powder sure made for a great day of skiing. It took a few days for my water logged camera to dry out, but it was so worth it for the great photos. I will be posting some photos from that shoot soon, but wanted to post one of my favorites of my trusty assistant and fiance. I love the feel of this photo. It makes me wonder what she is thinking. Is she about to drop in or she just enjoying the view? Check out how deep the snow is. Awesome!

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  1. Gail
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    That would be a great DC or Burton ad! What is Susan wearing? Lol!

    This picture is making me miss the mountains and you guys bigtime! Tell Susan hi for us!!! :)

    • Kirk
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      Thanks Gail. We miss you too. I am sure it is nice and warm in Texas. I think she is wearing all Columbia.

  2. gretchen
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    I love this one!

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