Intentional Design

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I can’t tell you how many times I have spoken to someone about design or branding, only to have them tell me that typography, color, branding, etc. doesn’t matter. Normally, I just blow this off as a person that doesn’t know, nor care to understand the time and effort that go into creating a brand. That is okay. It is the same as saying that I should understand calculus (which I don’t) because it is important to a math professor. Whether it is calculus, marketing, or politics, all of these are relevant in the world we live in.

I read this article today on the new campaign that Benetton is putting together. If you are still reading this then you may find the article pretty fascinating. The thought process and effort that went into their design is pretty incredible. One thing that really got me, was their design book. It is incredible. Here is the article posted on Brand New. They do a fantastic job of diagnosing new branding of different companies. Just so you know, there is one of Benetton’s ads that does show a woman’s breast. FYI.

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