NEW Hydro-Force SX-15

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This is a project that I have been very excited about, and now that it has been released I can share some of the marketing materials that with accompany this awesome new product. They were very open to suggestions for the look and feel of this design, and I am glad that they decided to go with the darker and more dramatic look for this product. The darker background, similar to an all white background, focusses your attention singularly on the product and not a busy “design” background.

This is a brand new product and there were a lot features that they wanted to highlight. Keeping the copy to a minimum on the magazine ad and brochure, and using large headlines with the photos, means the reader can digest the entire idea of the product very quickly.  Of course, there is much more descriptive copy if the reader so chooses to read more.

I am very excited about this release and seeing the branding and marketing people opening up to new ideas.

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