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I am a sucker for well designed apps. Most people take this for granted and they just feel that the app is nice. But in reality, the user experience is one of the most critical components of making a good app. The other, of course, is making an app that is relevant.

I can’t tell you how many to do apps I have purchased. I am pretty forgetful and like to keep track of all of the things I need to do or remember. Most of them are so bloated with features that they make them almost unusable. Trying to cater to every persons needs means you probably won’t hit any of them.

So when I saw Due in the app store, it resonated with me for its simplicity and efficiency. I use to do apps a little bit different than most people. Not only is it an app for listing my to do’s, like call Eric, but I also use it as my calendar. In my mind, a task list and a calendar should go together. I am not one of those power users that have 15 things a day on my calendar. I have some meetings, jobs that need to get done, and things I am doing. Easy, right?

Due makes a lot sense to me. I can quickly and easily add new reminders, and the interface doesn’t get in my way. The reminder/notification system is top rate and I can easily snooze, move or delay the reminder with a simple tap. Notice where it resides on my home screen? Ya, it is that valuable to me.

It seems that a lot of developers are in such a rush to get their product to market and don’t adequately test their product before releasing it. This is not one of those products. It has the feel of a completely tried and tested product, and it just plain works. I can’t ask for much more. But I did.

After purchasing the app, which is $5 (more on that in a minute), I added a few reminders and came across a reminder where I needed to email someone about photographing her wedding. I really would love to have a note field where I could put some of these expanded entries. I sent a message to the developers account on twitter, @dueapp, asking if they had thought about adding a note field. They responded a few hours later that they currently weren’t planning a note field. Okay. That answers that, but I love when developers give good customer service and respond to their customers. Even if the answer is no.

The app is compatible with your iPhone and iPad, and it syncs with your Dropbox account. Awesome! You know how much I love Dropbox.

The Apple App Store has really changed the perceived value of software. Prior to the iPhone, it wasn’t uncommon to easily pay $25-$50 for a Mac app that didn’t do much more than what most of these iPhone apps do now. So I have no problem spending $5 on a high quality app. Granted, I have paid a lot of money for apps that I promptly remove from my phone. I wish there was a trial period, so you could see if an app is right for you. But still, it is only $5, or a cup of coffee. This is also why I wrote this post. Lots of people balk at paying $5 or $10 for an app if they haven’t read any real reviews of the app. Let this attest that $5 is a steal for this app, but only if you are looking for a to do app like this.

Developers site: http://www.dueapp.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/dueapp

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  1. Junjie
    | Reply

    Thanks for taking time to write this review Kirk.

    I love how you even superimpose the images on an white iPhone. I never have one, so I’ve no idea it could look so different :)

    • Kirk
      | Reply

      Thank you Junjie. You have written a fantastic app and I am more than happy to recommend it to anyone.

      The white iPhone is great and I love it. I would recommend it also when it is available to you.

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