Harry Potter

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You would think Halloween had arrived three months early. Children and adults together strode by, dressed as wizards, witches and characters from the blockbuster hit Harry Potter. It was a very festive atmosphere, kind of similar to the excitement the kids at Hogwarts must have experienced the first day arriving at school. Barely restrained excitement that could hardly be controlled. Thirty minutes seemed like an eternity for most of us as we sat watching the festivities, waiting for the doors to open.

This was the perfect time for watching people. There were more Harry Potter’s than you could shake a wand at. Five year old Harry’s. Harry’s of different nationalities and even adult Harry’s. But Harry was not the only character being portrayed. Not by a long shot. Hermione was another favorite, but almost every character in the story seemed to be represented. That is the way it is with good books. People resonate with different characters and personalities blend better with others. Yes, even Death Eaters and Voldemort were present to combat the hordes of little witches and wizards.

Inside, the excitement was more pronounced. I don’t know if it was the smaller confines or if people’s anticipation was beginning to overflow. Diagon Alley would have been proud. There were people selling all kinds of wares, from t-shirts and back-packs, to wands and glasses. You could have your picture taken with characters from the story or even have a live snake draped around your small neck.

I must admit. I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan and just barely watched The Deathly Hallows, Part 1, last week. But it was really hard not to get caught up in the excitement of what was happening. The final chapter of a very long journey was coming to an end, and we were all here to be a part of that moment.

The excitement carried us through the ticket takers and into the darkened theater. Ten minutes before the show begins, and I could have sworn some people could have taken flight without their magic broomsticks. In a theater of over 300, and everyone was so kind to one another. People were talking to their neighbors and everyone was talking about their favorite Harry Potter moments. But why wouldn’t we. We were all kindred brothers and sisters with a single reason for us being together. Slowly the lights dimmed and all became quiet. But only for a moment, because as the the screen came to life and the words “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part 2” appeared, the theater erupted into an avalanche of clapping, screaming and cheering. It had begun.

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