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Choices. We all make thousands of choices every single day. What time do I get up? What do I eat for breakfast? Which way do I drive to work? Do I drink two cups of coffee or just one? How do I design an ad? Do I work through lunch? The list goes on and on. Most choices we make don’t take a great deal of thought. They are repetitious. We tend to make the same choices just because it is easy or we are use to the outcome. But what about the other choices?

Choices have a direct effect on the outcome of our daily lives. Some choices will rock the very foundation of our lives? Do we know that this step is going to start a domino effect that will set things in motion that we no longer have control of? Most of the time we don’t. Hopefully, we make choices that we feel are good for us at the time we make them, and we get lucky enough that these choices don’t destroy us. Unfortunately, we do make choices that will not only alter our lives, but will alter the lives of others. It is so easy to see the choices of other people, but not nearly as easy to see them in ourselves. Try to make conscious, well thought out choices, because you never know how far reaching the choices you make will go.

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