Archive: November 2011

I have thoroughly been enjoying the work of Frank Ortmann of Freies Grafik Design. Exceptional is all I have to say. I love the way that he combines calligraphy with typography and modern design. He has some splendid work.

I love cars. This isn’t a surprise to anyone that knows me, so it shouldn’t be a surprise when a friend of mine bought this exotic M3 that I jumped at the chance to photograph it. The car is gorgeous and that pearl white paint job rings true with my soul. It isn’t about the […]

I have been working on a new personal project that I am super excited about. Books have always been a huge passion of mine. Not just reading books either, but owning books, touching books and binding books. I have even written a short book which I printed and bound myself. I like books. This new […]

There has been a great deal of bad press associated with beauty pageants and exploiting young children. As someone who has never been to a beauty pageant, let alone never seen an episode of the show, I really didn’t have much of an opinion. But when a friend of mine asked me to photograph her […]

A good friend of mine became a yoga instructor a few months ago and has begun teaching. She wanted to get some photos for her new website and for promotional pieces. Keeping in tune with her outdoor personality, we found a great field in the mountains near Park City. I think it leant itself perfectly […]