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I have thoroughly been enjoying the work of Frank Ortmann of Freies Grafik Design. Exceptional is all I have to say. I love the way that he combines calligraphy with typography and modern design. He has some splendid work.

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  1. Russ Gray
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    Kirk, how goes it? Just ran into your blog today (I’d seen it before but it’s been a bit). Nice update! I’ve been loving typography lately too, and been doing a fair amount of it for a client. Thought you might like this resource:

    Also, for some really crazy stuff, check this guy’s stuff out. Very CG, but cool. I’ve been trying to pull some stuff off like this for a client recently.

    Anyway, hope all is well.

    • Kirk
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      Thanks Russ and it is good to hear from you. Thanks for the links. I am always looking for different work and inspiration.

      Typeverything is pretty cool and I like that they have a very eclectic showing. is insane! No idea how he/they do some of that stuff, but it is pretty incredible. I love the This Is England tattoo and the Gomez white paint splatter. Some great motivation in those images. I would love to see what you have been working on and hearing about the new job.

  2. Kirk
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    Thank you Gretchen.

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