The Nelson’s. Yes, THE Nelson’s.

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I always look forward to photographing this cute family. Why? Why, not!? They are so stinking cute and have miles of personality. I love how Marcee let their character determine the clothes they wore. I am constantly telling my clients to let their children pick out their own clothes. “Well, they won’t match,” is a constant remark. “Good,” I say. We don’t want them to match. We really don’t want a photo of all white and khaki. We want real style, real personality, and real photos. Of course, you can help them pick cute clothes and, definitely, help them accessorize. Accessories are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Can I tell you that I am in love with the tie? I love this look on little boys (and not so little boys too). Don’t over-do it though. She did a great job with just adding the tie to one of her boys. It creates contrast and contrast makes for great photos. Just saying.

Adorable. There is something to be said for a mom that has all boys. (Nothing against you mother’s with boys and girls, or all girls.) It is just so cute to see the boys surrounding their mom. Remember, contrast. I love this picture with little Sammy and his mom. I want to print it and put it on my wall! It makes me so happy.

And, we wouldn’t be finished with out a fun photo. I love how everyone’s expression really tells a story. I have no idea what I said to get such a reaction from Dion (the dad), but it is hilarious. Marcee’s smile is contagious and you have to smile with her when you see this photo. Oh, and, the light reflecting off the bugs flying around in the background is so cool.

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