Cathedral of St. Paul and Minneapolis

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You don’t normally come across the splendor of the church’s from Italy in the States.

We recently spent a few days in the Twin Cities and my sister, who is a local, took us to these two cathedrals. Now, I am not Catholic, but I am enthralled with the majesty of the Catholic church’s cathedrals. They are incredible. Ever since we returned from Italy, I have been fascinated with the church. In the States you don’t normally come across the style of church’s you will find in Italy. The Cathedrals of St. Paul and Minneapolis are definitely the exception. While the Cathedral of Minneapolis reminded me a lot more of most of the finer church’s in Italy, it was the Cathedral of St. Paul that took my breath away. I was reminded of the grandeur of St. Peter’s in Rome. I have posted a few photos of each.

One of the most fascinating things about the Cathedral of St. Paul is the replica of the Pieta. When we went to Italy, the Pieta was at the very top of my list of things I wanted to see. This may seem odd, given all of the history and architecture in Italy, but Michelangelo is my favorite artist and this statue has a very special place in my heart. So imagine my surprise when we were walking out the front doors of the St. Paul Cathedral and there it was. It was well lit and in the darkened foyer it just glowed. Even though I knew it was a replica and the color was completely off, it was still quite a moving experience to be able to walk directly up to it. It is hard to have a connection with a statue that is behind glass and is surrounded by hundreds of tourists. This on the other hand was completely open. You can connect with something like this, kind of vicariously I suppose.

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