Remembering Italy Through My iPhone

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Anyone who knows me will readily admit that my iPhone and I are rarely seen apart. I pretty much take it everywhere I go and often seem to take more pictures with it than any of my other cameras. I love to go through all of the photos because it is like a photo journal of my life. Random stuff I see, place I go, seasons, people, etc. It is awesome.

After my last post yesterday about the cathedrals, I began thinking about Italy and ended up pulling my iPhone out and scrolling through some of the photos from Italy. The iPhone is like having a point and shoot camera, where the idea is more about documenting the moment than making a great image. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the photos that I came across. Like the meal I took a picture of the evening we got engaged in Rome. It was one of the best meals I had while in Italy. But it is also interesting to see that I took the picture 11:17PM. I knew it was late, but not that late. Seeing the picture, I can remember the quaint restaurant, the waiter, sharing the meal with my fiance, brother-in-law and sister, and walking back towards St. Peter’s after dinner.┬áThere are far too many photos to ever share (and they probably mean a lot more to me than they do to you), but it is fun to see the photos and remember that moment in time.

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