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It is interesting how we perceive the world around us. The other morning I woke up and looked out the window and saw that fog has completely socked us in. It was magical. In Utah we don’t often get dense fog like this. I immediately went to get my camera to try and capture it.

The fog made everything look a little mysterious and a little surreal. I couldn’t see more than 100 yards and it was still early enough that the street lights were still on and gave an erie glow to the scene. My favorite photo was of this huge tree we have in the backyard. All of the branches made it so interesting.

This makes me think about Sherlock Holmes. I recently read a blog post about the art of perception. It was teaching you to teach yourself to be more aware of your surroundings and to notice things that most people do not notice. The reason most of us don’t notice things is that we are in too big of hurry. Even as someone who is constantly taking pictures, I notice that I miss a lot of things because I am in too big of hurry. That is why one of my favorite things in the world is walking through a new city (or any city for that matter). You slow yourself down enough that you can notice things. You miss everything when you are in a car. It just passes by too fast. But walking makes you slow down and gives you the time to see what is around. Of course you still have to look, but if you do, it gives you a real sense of what the city is like. You almost become part of that environment.

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