Boise Farmer’s Market

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There isn’t much more that I enjoy than wandering through a city and photographing its unique characteristics. One such city that I have had the joy to wander is Boise. It has a fantastic downtown/urban life and is so vibrant. So much more than Salt Lake and with a smaller population. We have spent a lot of time in Boise and I am always thrilled with the urban life.

One of the fun parts of Boise and something we try to do every time we visit Boise is the Saturday market. I don’t know why it seems so different from other Farmer’s Markets, but for some reason it just feels different to me.

Yesterday we made it to the Farmer’s Market and I was excited about it for a few different reasons. One, as I have already written, is that I really feel this market is different than most of the others I have visited, and the other was this was my first experience shooting the X100S in this kind of condition.

If you are interested in photography then you are aware of the mystic of the X100S. I was a little anxious when I first received this camera. There has been so much written about the X100 that I was worried that the camera would not live up to all of the hype. With that said, I believe most of what is written is the truth. I love the colors, I love the small form factor and of course I love the handling. It is an amazing camera. From my days of lugging a full DSLR and a 24-70 f/2.8 lens to carrying this tiny (in comparison) camera was an absolute joy. Lite, fast enough, and with great quality. What else do you need?

It was an absolute joy wandering around the market, watching people and taking pictures in complete anonymity. It was amazing. I must say that I have really enjoyed using the camera and although it does have some quirkiness and doesn’t perform at the speed of a DSLR, I am nevertheless very pleased with the camera and am so excited to continue to learn more about it.



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  1. Gretchen
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    Jason’s parents are moving to Boise. I’ve never been. I pictured it as some sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere but your pictures give me hope!

    • Kirk
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      It is actually a fantastic town and I love their downtown. There are definitely some small town vibes also.

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