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I have begun taking TRAX to work. This was a big change for me. While driving to work is faster and I in total control of my commute, taking TRAX has been a real eye opener. Not that TRAX is anything other than different trains I have been on (it is actually very nice), but I can turn my brain off. I work 1.2 miles from the nearest TRAX station and I walk this twice a day. The whole trip from my house to work is 40-50 minutes of pure thought. I spend it thinking about things that perhaps would not have come into my sphere of thought.

Taking TRAX has been a thought that I have had for a long time and when we got home from Paris this summer I thought about it even more. I love the metro in Paris and the trains in Europe. And now that I have began to take it I really am reminded of Europe every day. One of my favorite parts about taking the train is walking to work. This gives me time before and after work to really decompress from the stress of work. I am able to enjoy the cool morning air and the 20 minute walk really relaxes me. I actually really look forward to it.

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    Hi Kirk, I loved reading about your commute to work. It reminds me so much of Europe. Gpa Johnson took the train into work every day and expressed some of the same sentiments. I love the European feeling too.

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