Lake Blanche

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Two years ago Susan and I would go on a hike at least every Sunday. It was a great way to spend the day and kept us active. We were able to explore some great places around the Salt Lake area, but last year I was having back problems and we never really made it out. While my back is feeling pretty good these days, Susan and I have begun exploring again.

Last week we went to Lake Blanche, which neither us had hiked before. Living where we do there are literally hundreds of places to go hiking and there is almost always a new hike to explore. I had always heard that Lake Blanche was a tough hike, but well worth the effort. We weren’t disappointed on either account. As with many hikes along the Wasatch Front, there is a great deal of steep grade. Lake Blanche was no different and from the turn off to the trail it is almost straight up. Of course there are the inevitable switchbacks and the far too few flat areas, but this is why I like to hike. Pushing my body further and higher.

Lake Blanche is worth the effort and the lakes at the top are beautiful. There is still a lot of snow on the surrounding peaks and the runoff is very strong. Lots of waterfalls.

We decided to go up there again this week as our friend Jared wanted to see it. We were fine going up again as we didn’t explore very much around the lakes last week and this would give us the opportunity. Jared took the lead and maintained a good pace all the way to the top. I was pleasantly surprised at how much stronger I felt compared to last week. It may have been that I didn’t ride my bike yesterday and last week I had gone on a long ride the day before and my legs were tired. Once at the lake we wandered all the way around and crossed the old reservoir wall. It was still early and the weather was perfect. The lake was like glass and reflected the towering peaks which surround the lake. It is hard to believe that we have so many amazing places to visit within such a short distance.

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