Winter Fun in Idaho

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I love being a photographer. You get to meet great people, you get to travel, experience new things and hopefully along the way make a good image or two. I came up with another reason why I love being a … Read More

Angels on White

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As a photographer I take thousands of photos a month. Some good and some not so good, but every once in while I photograph someone or something that haunts me. I think about the photo all of the time. I … Read More

San Francisco Book from AdoramaPix

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I received my most recent book from AdoramaPix yesterday and I am extremely pleased with this book. Their claim to fame is that they use real photographic paper to print the pages of your book. I had read reviews where … Read More

Two Darlings

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I was spending the Thanksgiving holiday with some of my family and decided to take a couple of my nieces out and get a few photos. Ashlyn is beyond cute. The photo on the right is a stunner. I love … Read More

An Officer and a Gentleman

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My older brother, Gus, who is a deputy with Salt Lake Country Sheriff’s Department recently became a member of their Honor Guard. We are quite proud of him and we have talked about doing some photos of him in his … Read More

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