Oh So Colorful

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I look forward to photographing these kids every year. Yes, their clothes are colorful, but so are their personalities. They crack me up every time I see them. So much spunk and so much charisma built into such little bodies. … Read More

Cancer Sucks

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My aunt Kathy was recently diagnosed with cancer and will be starting radiation next week. It has been a very trying time for her and her family, especially as this will be her second time. We saw her the other … Read More

Utah Arts Festival

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The Utah Arts Festival held their annual festival this last weekend and it was hot, HOT! This gave us a good reason to keep  cold drinks in our hands the whole time. I always have a good time as it … Read More

of Souls + Water

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We live in a fantastic age when technology and creativity are on an intense collision course. People are pushing the limits in every medium and the result is fantastic films like this one.

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