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Cruising the interwebs the other day, I came across the above engraving by Rossini. It is incredible. I was so ready to hit the buy it now button, but it was already sold. I loved the perspective and it reminded me of the photo I took the night I proposed to my fiancĂ© on Ponte […]

We woke up to the most amazing breakfast. The land-lady for the apartment we are renting brought a dozen pastries, yogurt, coffee, tea, and juice while we were all still sleeping. It is the best way ever to wake up. We had told her yesterday that we had purchased tickets for the Vatican Museum and […]

We just got home from the most amazing Italian dinner. We were sitting just outside the Vatican walls and going very Italian style. Sitting on the sidewalk and eating at 9 pm. The food was amazing; Susan and I both had handmade ravioli, Darin had seafood pasta and Amy had salmon. It was such good […]